Supersonic Scientists – The Quiz

Welcome to the very first Motorpsychodelic quiz ever!

Supersonic Scientists – a young person’s guide to Motorpsycho is a compilation of songs taken from each of Motorpsycho’s last ‘regular’ 15 studio albums – i.e. albums that are recorded in the studio as new Motorpsycho albums, not live albums, project albums, soundtracks, collaborative albums or any such. Regular Studio Albums.

As Supersonic Scientists was conceived as an introduction to Motorpsycho and as an affordable overview of the band’s production over the last 25 years, it was decided to limit the format to double album length. To select representative songs was a nigh on impossible task, but the band eventually found a running order and song selection that they felt wasn’t too wrong, that played well as an album and that they figured they would be able to live with.

Would you be able to pick a list like that?

Then you could probably guess which ones made the cut too!

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