And the winner is

Thanks to each and every one who participated in the first ever official Motorpsycho-quiz.

Even if there were several hundred psychonauts giving it their best shot, sadly no-one came very close to getting all the 15 tracks right. The closest anyone got was 10 out of 15, and we have a single ‘winner’ who’ll recieve a pretty nice 1st price. Out of the five who got 9 out of 10 right we have randomly picked two who’ll be awarded 2nd price.

The 1st price winner is Yngve Hansen! Congratulations. You’ll receive the book, the vinyl, the CD and 2 concert tickets.
The 2nd price winners are Sigurd Tonna and Tore Hanssen! Congrats to you as well. You’ll both recieve the book, the vinyl and the CD.

Honorable mention to Thomas Rolland, Marica Hanssen and Jostein Jensen who also got 9/15 right.


These are the 15 correct tracks: