Behind The Sun

On March 7 2014, we will release our next album Behind The Sun! It will be released simultaneously around the globe by RuneGrammofon and Stickman Records on both vinyl and various digital formats.

The album contains nine songs that were recorded now and then over the last couple of years by the usual suspects, and features the added magnificence of Reine Fiske and The Sherrifs of Nothingness. It is an album closely linked to its predesessor Still Life With Eggplant, but it is not intended as a sequel or anything silly like that, although we finally finished the ‘Hell cycle’ on this album. We decided that this song cycle was so important to the work over the last to years, that it needed a little bit of special focus, so – for the first time in years -we made a video! It is a live version of the finale, Hell pt7: Victim of Rock. Enjoy!

The album yet again features the cover art of Kim Hiorthøi, and you can see some of the other stuff he’s done for us over the years in the discography or discuss the new one here.

We once again went back to Brygga Studio, and worked with people we’ve worked with before too: Pål Brekkås recorded the tracks, Thomas Henriksen or Mike Hartung mixed them, and Chris Samsom mastered them for the album. So – ‘more of the same, then?’ I hear you ask! No, because you can never go back and you’ll never be the same, but – if you want a genuinely new and exciting thing from us, how about this: As a first this time around we give you the ‘drumsolo song named after an animal’-bit: Where Greyhounds Dare! On the album it’s played in the middle of the instrumental Kvæstor, and here KK finally gets to shine on his own for a bit on a Motorpsycho album – about time we say! We actually thought this of such historic improtance that we even made a little film to comemmorate it!

We even got our friend Bob LeBad to put this album into some context for you: we made him act as our scribe, and note for the annals of Psycholore how this album came to be. It is certainly a feat of Bardism and linguistic wizardry unrivalled since last thursday, but if anyone can truly tell the truth from the legend is questionable. It still rings true to us. That’s what matters.

Motorpsycho – Behind The Sun

Once again introducing The Four Norsemen of the Rock/Avant HMR – Snahisgod, BS -The ThunderTrønder, KK – The Hammer of the Gods & RF – the mercenary Psychedelic Half-breed

…in a tale of treachery & greed, as well as inspirational, inhuman self-sacrifice: “Behind The Sun” [a ThunderTrønder Production!].

…One day in the 25th year of the Motorpsychodelic Union, the forces of D/Numbness were finally vanquished. Once again the intergalactic Four Norsemen of the Rock/Avant could fly their veg zeppelin unchallenged across the solar plains, their mission complete and the righteous deed done! In their tense alliances with the other rock-o-centric armies of the plains, the Band of Four had had to sacrifice more than they liked, but now – ultimately triumphant at the end of the longest battle – they saw that it indeed had been worth all the unpleasant childish vying for position and all the compromises that so had hurt their pride – for on this day the battle was won, and victory was finally theirs!

… it had been a long war. The sickeningly precise Choreographolytes with their d’Twerked attack formations, in their unholy union with the s-Elfies in their posed perfection…the enemy was a powerful one. The troubles – as always – stemmed from Artifice and Glitz, the twins of terror. They had spawned the deadening, self-gratifying effects of d’Twerk and the narcotic, emotional stranglehold of the s-Elfie, and these evils combined seemed to hold a sway over the younglings that nulled the effects that the glorious keening of the Atonians and the mighty friendly fog of the Weedians once brought to the table. What once had seemed so self-evident, so obvious and righteous, now met with seemingly ever-increasing apathy and indifference amongst the populace. It didn’t seem glitzy enough for the proles anymore, and a number of younger citizens had even succumbed fully to the lure of the enemy and turned away for good. Times were indeed changing, and as the Rock/Avant came under increasingly bitter attack from the mindless NumNum minions of Artifice in all their different guises, the pressure on the defenders of the faith increased.

D-/Numbness was a tough enemy, but The Norsemen were there to fly the freak flag of the Rock/Avant. They would fight till deafness tore them apart and care till their last breath – they would never surrender!

…for still they held sway, and on this day at least – somewhere Behind The Sun – they were triumphant!

Bob LeBad