Greetings Psychonaut!

And congratulations – you have found Motorpsycho’s official homepage!

This is our first official home in the digital domain, and as we get around to it, it will hopefully become a place for you to keep abreast of the lastest goings on of the Psychoverse. We hope this will become both a place to meet other psychonauts and to discuss motorpsychodelia with them, as well as a comprehensive vault dedicated to the last 25 years of Motorpsychodelic Trips, Tunes and …something else beginning with a T, I guess?

We gratefully acknowledge and recognize the efforts and love that the folks behind the unofficial site at put into their exploits over the last decade and more however – you ‘ve done a magnificent job, and we thank you! We are also happy to say that we’ve inherited all the information stored over there, and as soon as we get our shit together, we will re-post most of it, albeit with some design tweaks and a little bit of editing. We must say though, that if you were a regular over there, we hope that you’ll find this new site just as good or perhaps even better too! Please let us know if and when we fuck up! The band will not monitor the forums or function as cencors here either, so keep the ideas flowing and do what you need to do freely!
We have a webmaster to do our dirty work, but let’s keep it cool, shall we? So stay on subject and keep a nice tone in the posts, and we’ll all get to enjoy this!

Be seeing you!