Wow… what a hot day! Berlin boiled us and ate us and spat us out like carrion on the Postbahnhof stage today. damn!
A draining experience…

We played with Grandloom today: good people and good vibes. must hear more before I pass judgement on their music. This is a very hard stage to play – very swimmy and washy sounding, but I hope we managed to do something sensible out of it! Played the first For Free for years, and I think we finally cracked it! Berlin brings out our best Chiens too, and this was a truly righteous one! Bielefeld tomorrow – We have a looong history with The Forum, so that should be good too!
Rock on!



  • Trixeene
  • Coventryboy
  • Big Surprise
  • Now it’s Time to Skate
  • Waiting For The One


  • Hell pt. 1-7
  • Entropy
  • Couldwalker
  • The Magic & The Wonder
  • The Promise
  • For Free
  • Un Chien d’Berlin


  • Upstairs/Downstairs
  • Supa 87
  • Kvæstor
  • Starhammer

  • Plan#1


Setlist Berlin Motorpsycho