De Vaartkapoen, Brussels

De Vaartkapoen is an excellent venue located in what used to be a crummy neighbourhood, deep inside darkest recesses of Brussels.

We played there once before in the mid-90’s, and back then the neighbourhood kids stole shit from us, so we were a bit worried getting in. But all went really well and we had no grief from the locals yesterday, and I think a good time was had by all!
An old venue sometimes has issues, and so does this: we spent just ’bout all afternoon trying to find out why the fuses blew everytime they used the lights. This was a timeconsuming procedure that even ate into our soundchecktime and threw us a bit off. The weird stage balance we eventally ended up with didn’t impede the proceedings too much though, and the gig went just fine!
First acoustic Loneliness in years went straight into the first Bomb-proof Roll of the tour, and we played the first My Best Friend – sloppily but farout – since 2002! Great attentive crowd too, and an enjoyable evening all together!




  • Coventry Boy
  • Trixeene
  • Now It’s Time To Skate
  • w4t1
  • All Is Loneliness >


  • bomb-proof roll …
  • The Magic And The Wonder
  • On a Plate
  • Hallucifuge >
  • Kvæstor
  • My Best Friend
  • Hell pt. 1-7


  • Upstairs/Downstairs
  • Cloudwalker
  • The Other Fool >
  • Alchemyst