Haarlem report

Het Patronaat is one of these ‘rock factories’ that the Dutch seem to like so much. It is grey and black and too …new to have a rock’n’roll soul of its own. These places are presumably acousticly correct and everything, but they are tough to play and have given us a hard time in the past. Last night we won though, and the gig was good: a couple of slip-ups but nothing major, and a typically quiet ( or stoned?) Dutch crowd seemed to get well into it. We seem to finally have found a good way to play Sancho Says, so that’s a nice addition to the list. First Ghost of europe too. That song is also finding itself more and more every time we play it, and is a joy to play!
Doornroosje, Nijmegen tonite. One of the great old clubs they’re replacing with ‘rock factories’. Mucho atmosphere and vibes, and usually a great gig for us. we’ll see!




  • Blueberry Daydream
  • Stay Young
  • Kill Some Day
  • Feel
  • w4t1


  • Cloudwalker
  • Sancho
  • One More Daemon
  • The Magic & The Wonder (a love theme)
  • On a Plate
  • For Free
  • Hell pt 1-7
  • Ghost
  • Starhammer
  • Hallucifuge


  • Kv├Žstor
  • Plan#1