MP in Beijing

So last night was the last gig in China this tour. Ståle had to leave for a prior commitment in Norway, so this was a trio gig.

We had two guys sitting in: one playing the Ruan on All is Loneliness, the other manhandling a homemade sawingmachine/cello combo(!) on The Bomb-Proof Roll / Arne Hassle. Great guys – very different from each other, but both got into it and we all had a good time.

Bejing is flat, and feels totally different from both Chongqing and Guangzhou. We had some wind that cleared away the smog, so we got some blue skies for the touristy part. That was sorely needed after the rainy sci-fi vibes from the days before!

So Motorpsycho has walked around Gugong, across Tiananmen square, and upon the Great Wall. And eaten some amazing ‘hot pot’ food in Gui jie as well as just about everywhere else! We even ran into Akane and got to hang out with her for a few days too. That was supernice!

This has been an abosolute adventure, and our gratitude and thanks goes out to everybody who arranged, shepherded, translated and in any way helped out! Long live the Cosmic Wind!

xie xie!


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