The Motorpnakotic Fragments

Psychonaut! Do we ever have a surprise in store for you! This is… something else. Something the like of which you’ve never ever seen: a collection of songs fallen between the cracks, fragments of a bigger whole – an artefact from a could-have-been alternate timeline in the psychoverse where the power of the song rules supreme and the single still is king! Ladies and gentlemen, we present the release that almost never was …

The Motorpnakotic Manuscripts


We are thrilled to give you this chance to own your very own copy of the hitherto lost eight fragments that form the known parts of The Motorpnakotic Manuscripts. This extremly ltd.ed. book will be delivered to your adress two fragments at a time, starting this summer. Sales close in perpetuity 06.06.14. Get your copy now, or remain forever at a loss.

Stricktly only one copy per customer. We reserve the right to refuse sale to any hoarders, exploiters or others we catch trying to circumvent this rule. Be cool – play fair or fuck off.


Bob LeBad