Conne Island, Leipzig

Conne Island is a gig well known in psychonaut-circles for what it brings out in Motorpsycho. Both Roadwork 1 and 4 had recordings from there, and it is always a great gig.

Yesterday was no exception. we started out quite shakily for some reason (heatwave made it feel like we were in a sauna from hell, and that might be part of the reason) but we soon found ourselves, and the last 2/3 were certainly among the best shows we ever played. Out of this world. No words.
Thank you Leipzig for making it all worthwhile!




  • feel
  • babylon
  • stay young
  • skate
  • loneliness


  • >stained glass
  • ocean in her eye
  • 577
  • whip that ghost
  • hell 1-7
  • ghost
  • serpentine
  • sail on
  • hallucifuge
  • > p-naut


  • hyena
  • hey jane
  • plan#1
  • fools gold