Die Rote Fabrik, Zürich

Die Rote Fabrik is an old squat-cum-cultural center situated on the banks of the Lake Zurich.

We’ve played there a couple of times before, but it’s been a few years since last time. This time we had 30 degrees of heat, but the breeze from the lake made it tolerable even for our sesitive, arctic scandinavian arborial physical containers.
We even had enough energy to work up a few ‘new’ songs, and Babylon, Stained Glass and Before The Flood made their tour debuts. Babylon we never played like this, but it worked out nicely.
Great crowd, and some fierce playing. A fine evening!




  • babylon
  • ss1
  • stay young
  • feel
  • w4t1


  • stained glass
  • cloudwalker
  • ju87
  • other fool
  • > alchemyst
  • before the flood
  • hell 1-7
  • entropy


  • magic/wonder
  • on a plate
  • for free
  • plan#1
  • come on in