European tour finale

So, Copenhagen!

We finished this tour on a high with a refined version of the Leipzig show, partly because in Leipzig the recording malfunctioned and we wanted good versions of these songs on tape, but also because the feel and flow of these songs seemed to suit our late-tour-temper. We were never big in Denmark, but about 200 people showed up for this one and it felt good enough to us to inspire some serious rockage! We’ll see what the recordings contain, but if I’m not totally delusional I think we might have another roadwork (in some shape or another) on our hands…

Thank you each and every one of you who showed up and made us feel welcome out there.
We really apprechiate your support, your love and your loyalty. Not many bands of our generation can still tour europe every year, and we hope you realize how important this is to us and how grateful we are for you giving us this opportunity. Psychonauts rule!

Be seeing you!