OK, so get this:

Motorpsycho is in essence an arctic band. we like sun, but in moderate doses. we like heat too, but in moderate doses. What Heidelberg dished out yesterday was above and beyond anything reasonable, and really put its mark on the proceedings.
First though, a big cheers to Kadavar for enduring the van ride from hell (well, Berlin > Heidelberg. 8 or 9hrs in that heat: true troopers!) to come play with us. Great guys on their way to something big!

The Motorpsychos went into inner space for this one, reacting to the circumstances by going epic and slow. No oxygen anywhere from before the first note meant the band entered a somewhat hallucinogenic collective state before long, and a surreal vibe permeated the whole thing. Truly weird…




  • un chien
  • up/down
  • cloudwalker
  • serpentine
  • stained glass
  • other fool
  • x-3
  • hell 1-7


  • trixeene
  • babylon
  • starmelt
  • skate
  • w4t1


  • fools gold