Motorpnakotic Fragments – an update!


Here’s a little update for those of you who ordered the Motorpnakotic Fragments box!

When the final orders were in three weeks ago, we counted and thought and thought some more before we started the process of making this crazy idea a reality. Practical matters were decided on, and now finally both the pressing plant and the cover cutters/silk screeners are on the job!

The test pressings were finally OK’d yesterday, so the pressing of the vinyl itself will be underway in a matter of days. To make sure we don’t run out of parts for the cover – these are fragile things and there is always a certain percentage that breaks –  we’ve ordered a few more than the exact number of orders, and it simply takes a lot of time to print and cut 1200 covers by hand… At best we’ll be able to start folding, inserting, folding some more, taping and ‘stickering’ the first batch here at the Motorpsychotic offices in about three weeks. 

If this feels like an unusually long time, we are sorry about that – we know y’re all waiting – but to promise anything sooner would be overbold and simply too optimistic: since this is a totally custom-made artefact, since nobody’s done it before, and it naturally is holiday season in Norway right now too, things just take time.
As soon as we have all the parts, though, we’ll be on it like flies on sherbet (sly r’n’r reference there!), and we promise to send the first batch your way as soon as humanly – and postally (is this a word?) – possible! 

We thank you all for your trust and investment in this project, and are convinced none of you will be disappointed – this will be amongst the finest artworks in your record collection, guaranteed!