Orion, Rome

Rome… or rather Ciampino. A┬ásmall town a few train stops outside of Rome.

This gig could’ve been so much more than what it eventually became. One train station over QOTSA made their debut appearance in Rome in a well promoted outdoors festival-thingy. Needless to say, this made our club gig somewhat less interesting for quite a few punters, and I must say I think we’d have been better off playing Rome ANY other day this year. The Queens are bigger than us in Italy too, and plain won this one.
‘Look, foot massages don’t mean shit’. Really, Jules?
Watching Spinal Tap on the bus afterwards felt very appropriate…

That said the people that showed up made more noise and got more into it than any north-of-the-Alps crowd, so it still felt good to us! Nothing to say and Fool’s gold made their first tour appearences too, and I think this was my favourite Hell so far!

Thank you each and every one of you for making us feel so very welcome – we love you Rome!




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