Hiroshima is a nice venue and even the crew was happy for once (Italian rooms are notoriously hard…). Add another amazingly friendly crowd to the proceedings, and we all had a great night!

Some equipment failure on stage threw a spanner in the works, but it was nothing unsurmountable and we all played to the best of our abilities. This was the world premiere of Mockingbird, soon to be released on a Motorpnakotic Fragments 7″, and the tour debut of You Lied (walking on the water) – which the Torinese sang the hell out of.
“you’re only supposed to blow the bloody doors off!” ?
I don’t think so!




  • blueberry dd
  • cmon in
  • ss1
  • big s
  • w4t1


  • year zero
  • on a plate
  • mockingbird
  • hell 1-7
  • ghost
  • august
  • for free
  • the promise
  • > nothing to say


  • cloudwalker
  • p-naut
  • you lied
  • plan#1
  • kill some day