To our utter disappointment and disgust, we have seen how some idiots are trying to make a quick buck off of the Toys Sorgenfri freebie 7″ and are selling it for idiot money on facebook.

Believe me when I say that noone is more pissed off than we are about this situation!
These are obviously greedy pricks with no concience, and they’re trying to take advantage of what was intended to be a nice gesture on our behalf and turning it into something ugly.
These fuckers are making you pay, and that is is wrong.
Record collection is in many ways as addictive as drinking or drugging, and it really sucks that some people are feeding off your addiction to gain financial benefits. This is bad karma incarnate, and these people deserve nothing more than getting stuck with their unsold singles and losing money on their investment, so let’s just not buy ’em, shall we?

You see, to our great relief it looks like we’re getting a few unsold 7″ back from the mag and will be able to sell these from our webshop pretty soon. I dunno how many or anything, but we will be able to send them your way for a lot less money than what these leeches are asking!

It will take a little time, but we’ll let you know, so keep calm and don’t buy ’em off the leeches!

Fuck ’em!