Three down!

Righty, so inbetween touring with- and producing other people’s music over the last few weeks, we’ve managed to pack and ship the third instalment of the Motorpnakotic Fragments. This mailout went out today, and contains the cover for parts 2 and 3 as well as the third 7”, so now it’s hopefully slowly coming together and starting to make sense!

All this packing and outside work has not taken up all our energy, though: in November we’ll play a comissioned work for the Norwegian Technical Museum with Ståle Storløkken and visual artiste Pekka Stokke. It is for their 100th anniversary, so we’re trying to come up with something cool and apropos. I’m glad to report that the music is slowly coming together, and that it should be pretty darn special when it’s done!
So be there or be square: November 27, Oslo. One performance only!

We’ve also spent the last months finishing the next instalment in our reissue program, and this time it’s Demon Box that gets the overhaul. The box will be a 4CD release containing a wealth of music, but we are thinking of including something extra in the box as well, so we’ll see – we promise to keep you updated as things develop! In cahoots with RuneGrammofon (who have lisenced the rights to our early stuff from Voices of Wonder records), we are also doing the first ever repressing of the LP, so now you won’t have to dig as deeply in your pocets to hear it on vinyl! Kim and Tommy and Deathprod and Bob LeBad are all hard at work right now to finish it, so it will all hopefully be out by x-mas. Now you know what to write on your list for Santa!