Hi there Psychonauts!

We just want to thank you all for helping us celebrate our 25th year as a band in 2014, and to wish you a happy new year! Behind the Sun got a great reception everywhere, more than 1000 of you chipped in on the Motorpnakotic Fragments, we toured europe again and got to play China for the first time, thousands of you came down when we played in your vicinity, and your continued support and care for everything Motorpsychodelic on the unofficial forum and in the comments sections here never seizes to amaze, delight and fill us with pride.
Thank you!

This next year we hope to nourish your jones by every means available to us: The ‘Konsert for folk flest’ in the Nidaros cathedral this summer is currently being mixed, edited and translated, and will hopefully be out before summer. The material we performed with Ståle at Teknisk Museum a couple of months ago will form the basis for a new album that we begin work on in February and that hopefully will be out some time next year too. The Demon Box will be played in it’s entirety at Slottsfjell Festivalen this summer, and there are a bunch of other exciting happenings in the works as well, so keep your eyes peeled and watch this space for further news and updates.

Oh, and the remaining Sorgenfri / Toys issues will be made available in the webstore soon! Sorry, but x-mas snuck up on us and got in the way…

See you next year!

Bent, Snah & Kenneth