Sorgenfri + Toys

The Sorgenfri Toys 7″ is finally for sale

It took some time but finally the Sorgenfri magazine including the Toys 7″ is available in the webshop. Please note that half of the copies are reserved for all our friends living outside of Norway. Choose the Norway version if you live in Norway / The international version if you don’t. Easy peasy. No cheating! It will only come back bite you in the ass. Because of the limited number of copies there is a strict ONE PER CUSTOMER policy.

The shipment will contain two copies of the magazine, as the glue on the vinyl ruins the DIY sleeve in the magazine containing it. Therefore the extra copy.

We kindly ask you to have patience when it comes to the shipping. With order booms like the one we saw before christmas, with the leftover vinyls in the shop, it simply takes a while to drill through it and get them all in the mail. Some delay is to be expected this time as well.




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