“En Konsert For Folk Flest” released

Hey there folks!

Today we release a new album!

“En Konsert For Folk Flest” is a record, a book and a film, all documenting our performance at the St Olaf festival in Trondheim last summer.

We wrote it with Ståle Storløkken, and performed it – once only! – with him, the Sheriffs of Nothingness and Kammerkoret Aurum in the Nidaros Cathedral on July 31st, 2014.
It was a massive undertaking, and we decided to make the document of it as massive as possible as well: our good friend Mark Bakker from Amsterdam spent the whole week leadig up to the performance documenting the process on film. He supervised the filming of the show itself too and even edited the resulting footage into both a documentary and a concert film. These are both included in the album. The music is written for rock band, church organ and choir, and as such a new thing for us. The lyrics are in Norwegian, and his is the first time ever that we’ve written lyrics in our mothertongue, so that was a new and daunting task too! We had a lot of help and assistance from our good friend Johan Harstad though: some of his existing writings shared the same ideas as we had for a piece on the theme of ‘folk’ (≈ ‘Volk’ in German, ‘people’ in English), and a book he released in the fall of 2012 called ‘Manifest for folk flest’ inspired the tone of a lot of our song lyrics. We’ve had this book translated, and it is included in both english and norwegian in this album for all youse intellectuals out there in the Psychoverse that want to know what it’s all about.

So … there’s a lot of stuff here!
Some snazzy, ambitious music, some profound wordage and the whole shabang captured on DVD! We even went a step further, and got the pressing plant to print the cover in the old american way, so this is probably the most expencive-to-make album we’ve ever produced! It is therefore a pretty expensive package too, but we are confident that it is worth your hard-earned cash: this is a really, really cool item!

RuneGrammofon printed 2000 numbered copies. Stickman Records did the same, and we printed an additional 500 unnumbered ones for promo and such. Whatever’s left over will end up in the Motorpsycho webstore.

Hope you get it before it sells out – there will be only one print run – and hope that you like it too!

Be seeing you!


Cover of motorpsycho - en konsert for folk flest