Fusion Festival

The Fusion Festival seems to be some kinda German Burning Man equivalent or something, held annually at the old Rechlin airport (where they testflew the Me262 among others way back, and where the Soviets had a big base later on).

A 24-7 plethora of customized stages, fireworks, lights, jugglers and all kinds of mindbending stuff must make this a great festival for those that are into dance music and/or psychedelics: saw more dreadlocks in one place than since the early 90s, heard lotsa dunka-dunka and mingled with about 80000 more or less medicated punters. Ginormous, very German and very ‘alternatief’ – in a good way!
The stage was an aircraft hangar type semicircular thingamajig, so sonics were challenging, but we had a good time and the crowd got well into it.