Hamburg, Gruenspan

What a warm and sweaty, long and intense gig! This was great!

A great crowd in the stylish Gruenspan, our favourite venue in Hamburg, made this a night to truly remember. We’re slowly getting the hang of this trio format again too, and I gotta tell ya: it really is a different art than the quartet! in a trio everybody has to be on the ball all the time or else it just falls apart. it demands more of your concentration, and it demands more of your creativity since the range of sounds and colours available is shorter. This makes it a harder discipline than the quartet where you can kinda pull back every now and then and let the other three keep the music going, but in a way it is also a more open musical format as well: it’s a lot easier to make abrupt changes when there is no ‘clutter’!

It makes you approach the music differently for sure, but this seems to work well for us though – we all tend to overplay anyway – and the crowds seem like they like it too, so we must be doing something right, right?

We’re for sure having fun with it!




  • Year Zero
  • Forget it
  • August
  • Hell 1-3
  • > Through The Veil
  • Entropy
  • Fools Gold
  • The Waiting Game
  • On a Plate
  • Serpentine
  • Sail on
  • You Lied
  • Starhammer
  • > Hallucifuge
  • > All is Loneliness


  • Vortex Surfer