Slottsfjell, Tønsberg – July 18th

the wind blows …

Ok, so this was a pretty weird day.
Got up for soundcheck at nine, hearing the concerns of the promotor and really feeling the wind. Breakfast, sleep, wait. Run into the Orango guys who didn’t get to play due to the wind. Do Q&A. Wait more, being told to stand by and to concider if to agree to do a one hour ‘redux’ of the album at some other stage or not. Not. Wait more, before finally getting the nod 45mins before showtime. From then on all is a blur, and all I remember is the smiles in the crowd and on stage and how good it felt.
It was awesome you guys! Thank you for braving the wind, staying, singing and being a huge part of making this a great night for all of us!
We should do this again…