Forum Bielefeld, Germany – August 01 2015


This was our umpteenth performance at the Forum in Bielefeld, and as usual we had a really good time! We got into it right away, and got really bold and out there on the improvs. This is maybe not such a great idea in front of a Saturday night crowd, but most people seemed like they hung in there and dug it, and we live for nights like this when the music seems to play the musicians.
Malleus made a really nice poster for this Stickman label night event, and Mos Generator and Elder opened for us. They both rocked righteously hard, and are really good people too!
All in all I think we all had a blast!
Long live Stickman and long live the Forum!



  • The¬†Waiting Game
  • Hallucifuge
  • Entropy
  • > Serpentine
  • Starhammer
  • >¬†Vanishing Point
  • Greener
  • Hell I-III
  • > Through The Veil
  • > Hogwash
  • > Into The Sun
  • Year Zero


  • Alchemyst
  • Vortex Surfer