Ino-Rock Festival, Inowroclaw, Poland – August 29 2015

So! Saturday we played our very first gig ever in any of the countries in the old eastern block. I dunno how we managed not to earlier, but there you are.

The Ino-Rock festival in Inowroclaw had what is perhabs best described as a neo-prog focus. Fish headlined, singing some old Marillion album. Tim something who once sang in some Porcupine Tree context played as well, as did a couple of Polish bands that both also seemed to take The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway as their jump-off point/ holy scripture/ sole musical inspiration.
Don’t get me wrong – I like The Lamb as much as anyone – but a whole evening of bands/artists trying to out-Lamb eachother? That got old fast.

What we were doing there was therefore a bit unclear to us, but three (3) power faliures during Year Zero alone nonewithstanding, we eventually got into it and played a pretty intense set of Motorpsychodelia for the assembled Poles (“Polaks”?) as well as for the surprising number of Psychonauts that had come out to see us.
The crowd seemed to like it just fine even if most of them probably hadn’t heard us before, so maybe there’s more of a neo-prog vibe in our music than I’m aware of? Or maybe they just though we were refreshingly different? Whichever the case may be, this was ultimately a weird but good experience, and both the organizers and the various other Poles we met were good people doing their best to make everything run as smooth as possible. A big shout out to Stefan, Patrick (and his mum!), and the promoter Piotr for making this a really enjoyable first excursion beyond what was once the iron curtain. We enjoyed this, and will come back to Poland if anybody asks for sure!


  • Year Zero (abbreviated and ultimately aborted)
  • 5min break for fixing the power situation.
  • Hell I-III
  • > Through The Veil
  • Serpentine
  • Sail On
  • On a Plate
  • Vanishing Point
  • Starhammer
  • > Into The Sun


Polish multipurpose oven.
Good for pizza, bread …. and possibly children too. Hansel & Gretl, are you in there?!?