Siegen, Germany – July 30 2015

It’s not every day that you get to play a club named after a song you wrote, and although the Vortex Surfer Music Club in Siegen is ‘a bit of a shithole’ (promotor/owner’s words, not mine!), we really enjoyed the privilege!

The people at the club were all great, and they’d really made an effort to make our stay a nice one. You could feel the love! The place was packed to the rafters too, so it got real hot’n sweaty!
All in all it was probably just another night in just another of the thousands of glorious ‘shitholes’ /punkrock heavens scattered all around the globe that still let us all partake of the magic this whole rock thing is all about, but where would we be without them? We’ve always loved playing these dives. Still do!

We swapped stuff around a bit and rejigged the feel of the setlist. I think the playing benefitted from it.
Felt good anyhow!

Thanks, Siegen – you were great!




Photo by @julilectric on Instagram