As one door closes…

…another opens!

Ok, so it’s been a week since we offically became a museum exhibit.
It is still a bit of a weird idea, but we’re slowly getting used to it!
We really want to thank everybody who worked on it – you all made us proud! A huge thank you also to everybody who came to the opening, as well as everybody who participated in the quiz and all who came to see the Demon Box gigs in the days following the opening. It was really great to see you all, and it was a truly great way to celebrate the exhibit, the book, the album and all things Motorpsychodelic this way – with new and old friends and fans from all over the world! Something really special always happens when we play with Geb and the Prod, and We hope y’all thought it turned out as magic and satisfying as we did!

The exhibit is up for a few months, so you should all be able to see it if you want to. All the stuff – book, the 7″ and everything will eventually be made available in our webstore, so nobody needs to pay silly money on eBay for any of this – just hang in there!

A great week all in all that, but … there’s more!

No sleep for the wicked (see how I smuggled in a cool Ozzy quote there?) – after the gigs last week we also finished the mixing and mastering of our next album!
It will be out in February, and is called Here Be Monsters. We’ll fill you in and give you more details later, but to start off this next phase in style, here’s some footage of our new, invisible keyboardplayer in action!

Now, ain’t that something!