The Norwegian Hall of Fame!

Yup. Cannonized up the grand wazoo, a firm part of the establishment and card carrying has-beens. great.

Oh, but there’s more:
Finally they are getting the bronze busts we’ve been wanting made! That’s one of the cool things you get when you’re made a member. bronze busts! They won’t be on show at Rockheim, but are put on display in the Grand Gallery at the Hall of Fame building. But only in the members-only section I think (we are only rookies/freshmen and aren’t privy to the deeper, secret stuff yet. You know, the rituals and all that.) But I think we are automatically enrolled in the the ‘kunstnerlønn’ (artists gov’t wages) program, and will receive something like 20000€ each pr year for the rest of our lives. which is not bad. That and a special discount on the train.
Maybe we’ll get to have a say in the charts posisions and what gets to go on TV and stuff like that too..?
We’ll get to hang out with the Mayhem guys at the monthly meeting though. That should be good!

I’m kinda curious about the rituals and all that… I tried to get some info from Sola, the DumDum Boys drummer, but he wouldn’t say.
Nope, not really looking forward to those blood rituals at all.
I faint easily… also mixing blood with old rockers sounds kinda iffy if you ask me. I don’t know where Jan Eggum’s been!

All in all it’s probably a good thing. Quite a few of the members are stone legends, and even being mentioned in the same breath is an honor. Really!
But weird.

What do you think?


Motorpsycho joins The Hall of Fame

Photo: Rockheim