News, news!

So – we’re finally catching up with this whole social media fad! You can now find us right here on Facebook and on Instagram + Twitter we’re @motorpsychoband. Tag us and/or use #motorpsychoband on your psycho-posts.

Since we’re somewhat new to this, we’ll probably be really lame at first, but we’ll do our best to keep you updated, informed and a jour with all the latest news and goings on in the psychoverse! The world is big, so we need yr help to catch it all, so let us know and keep us in the loop if you see anything you think we need to see!

Oh, and also
Here Be Monsters is out if you somehow missed it!
(if you did, get it at Rune or Stickman)

It seems like the universe approves, and we are really happy with the great feedback we’re getting from y’all! Your interest and love is a constant inspiration and a true validation of this thing, so keep it coming – let us know how you feel!

The tour starts now, and we’ll be touring Norway and Europe for the next weeks. You’ll find where we are when on our gig schedule, but if you are on instagram or facebook I’m sure we’ll let you know too!

We are totally psyched to take this new music on the road! It will most likely be a pretty out there and psychedelic version of the band this time around, and we are prepared to go both deep and wide over the next weeks, so ‘’take your protein pill and put your helmet on”, and come along for the trip!

Oh, and do we have something special for you!! Check it out: The title track to Here Be Monsters is a 25 min piece of music. It felt too close to the other songs to fit on the album and was left off the running order, but it is a mighty fine recording of a mighty fine song, and we have made a mighty fine special ltd ed tour LP out of it! It will only be available at the merch stand while the tour lasts, but whatever is left over at the end of the tour we’ll sell through the webshop. So please come on over to the merch booth and pick it up! It even comes with a CD for those of you who prefer the digital domain.

OK, I can smell yout´r panic all the way here, but don’t worry –  there are quite a few of these so you don’t need to pay silly money for it on eBay any time soon! It won’t be available elswhere untill mid May though, If there are any left that is… We’ll see – you are warned!

Ok, we hope to see you out there! This is going to be so much fun!