Can of worms!

Whew – who’da thunk a tour special LP would be so popular?

Not us, for sure, and while we initially seemed to have miscalculated the demand for these things,we’re on it now, and we think we have found a way for y’all to get yer hands on this directly from us for a sensible price and not from some greedy fucker off the interwebs!

OK – we are spreading the goodness around more or less equally on the tour, meaning that we are divvying up the loot so that each gig on the tour gets about the same amount of records each night. That way you can get it there if you’re early. If you miss it, we are busy setting up an ordering system at the webshop where you can order your copy. This will be up and running in a few days. As we are adamant that this LP is a tour special, this ordering-system will close for orders when the tour ends. We’ll then get right on it and start the shipping as soon as we get home. Now, we have only pressed a certain number of these LPs. This means that if total sales and orders exceed the number of copies we’ve already printed, we’ll have to make a second pressing. These days this takes about three months, but rest assured: all orders will be honored and everyone will get a copy as soon as possible – Trust Us!

This is probably all a bit inconvenient for some of you, we know, but you’ll just have to bear with us: we’re not the shopkeepers or business people we probably should be, we’re making this up on the fly while we’re doing it, and all this ‘trying to see if there is a different, better way of doing things’ is really a matter of trial and error. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t, but the intensions are honorable and it’s all really cool when it works.
Kinda like the music we do.

Bob LeBad

Motorpsycho - Here Be Monsters vol. 2