“Begynnelser” (Beginnings)


Motorpsycho is about to set off on a very interesting musical adventure – playing live music during a theater piece titled “Begynnelser”, which is running for a solid six weeks.

The Trøndelag Teater, where these performances are taking place, describes the concept behind the piece as follows:

It’s sad, it’s sore, sometimes raw and uncomfortable. But in spectacular fashion the black mind is portrayed humorously in this unique symbiosis of art forms.

Begynnelser is a result of the joint forces of three strong Norwegian artists, all absolutely top shelf within their respective fields of art.

Prize-winning author Carl Frode Tiller is one of the most renowned writers in recent years. Motorpsycho is the rock band that always seeks to push the limits, both for themselves and others. De Utvalgte, with director Kari Holtan and video designer Boya Bøckman, is hailed as one of the country’s best and most innovative performing arts companies, known for their strong, poetic and visual contemporary theatre.

In 38 performances interaction between these three juxtaposed expressions will be shown on Trøndelag Teaters Old Stage in Trondheim. Not always in the same packaging, mind! Motorpsycho alerts they want to create – not to reproduce, when they enter the stage every night. And this mind-set is well suited to the play, which itself deals with life’s many beginnings and improvised attempts. About our inherent ability to always try to get back up, roll up our sleeves and try again – even though it is never given how it ends.

Trøndelag Teater, Trondheim, September 2nd – October 15th


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