2016 is soon nothing but a passing memory and we’re all looking forward
to be heading into a new year with the new posibilities and new challenges
it may bring.
We want to thank you all for caring and sharing this last year’s events with us –
both nice and less so – and we look forward to sharing our exploits in the new
year with you. Losing a band member is always a tough experience and a
challenge on many levels, but we are all ultimately happy this panned out the
way it has: Motorpsycho is bigger than any of us, and all our little human
grievances all become insignificant in the greater picture: the Mothership abides.

But it’s not all been uphill lately: one very nice peace of news we can
share with you right now, is that Motorpsycho has a new drummer!
His name is Tomas Järmyr, and he will join us on a permanent basis from
now on.
Tomas is originally from Sweden, he’s somewhere around 30 years old, and
has lived in Trondheim for quite a few years by now. He’s a student at the
music conservatory at NTNU – like Kenneth, Ståle, Ola, Ketil Møster and just
about every decent musician we’ve worked with over the last decade before
him – and lives in town, something that makes playing a lot together easy!
He plays in quite a few other constellations too, such as Zu, Yodok, YODOK lll,
Sunswitch and with Aidan Baker, but we aim to keep him really busy with
Psychowork from now on! We are already working on new music, and are
inches away from getting something really exciting together for the next album.
If it all works out the way we hope, it will be out this fall. We have high hopes
for it, but we can’t really share any further details with you just yet.
We’ll let you know all the details as soon as we can, don’t worry!

Let’s hope 2017 will be a brighter and more positive year than 2016 turned
out to be. To us it represents a new beginning and a new hope, and it feels
really fresh and exciting to start yet another chapter in the Psycho Psaga
(sigh…I know!) with Tomas onboard. We can’t wait to get started!

Ever onwards & upwards!

Bob LeBad