Album, tour and EP


Today The Tower is out, and we are proud to unleash this beast on the world! We hope it slashes and burns and fucks with everyones minds and really makes its mark on the world! It is one of the fiercest things we’ve ever created and will not be denied.

We hope you all find something in it that you like in it – something that will renew your love for what we do (cuz you do – you wouldn’t be here if you didn’t!), and that will make you a happier person than you were before you heard it!

Right now we are busy rehearsing for Norwegian leg of the tour that starts at Longyearbyen, Spitsbergen on September 14. This is the furthest north we’ve ever played and it’ll be a blast, we’re sure! Some gigs on this tour will be done by the three of us, but we will mostly play as a quartet, featuring a Mystery Member whose identity will have to be revealed at a later stage. This person is an extremely capable and knowledgeable character that will help us play both The Tower and assorted oldies the way they’re supposed to be played, and help us find new musical vistas to visit out there in the aether too! Meanwhile, Tomas is settling in quite beautifully, and every festival gig this summer (thanx for showing up, all of you!) has been better than the last. It swings quite differently than it used to, but what a swing it is! We are stoked that this tour is happening, and really really excited: with half the band new to this thing, God knows what will happen!

Oh, and as we did last tour, we’ve prepared something special for those of you that come to the gigs. Along with the usual selection of swag and thingamajigs, we’ll be offering a ltd.ed double 7” vinyl record at the merch stand. This comes in two editions, with yellow or black vinyl, and what we don’t sell on the road will be put up at the webstore when we come home. There should be enough for all of you, so don’t worry about availability!

Johan Harstad did the beautiful poster for the tour, and Håvard Gjelseth designed the cover for the 7” from the same design. The gatefold features a beautiful pic of us from the desert taken by Dave Raphael, and ….well, we cannot deny it: we loved it out there! The irony was too good to ignore so we went ahead and named it the California E.P. for the hell of it. We finally went, and this is what happened. Whoda thunk?

Hope you like the album, and be seeing you out there!

Bob LeBad,

Motorpsycho - The California EP