As you probably are aware, this tour we’re adding custom made visuals to the concert experience. We’ve always dug the psychedelic bonus edge a good visual production can give a gig, and we’ve tried to do this a few times before, but the technology and the practical aspects of doing visuals properly has not been within our grasp untill now.

So when norwegian artist Flu Hartberg contacted us a while back and asked if we were interested in him doing some visuals, we obviously were. We love his work and are honored he thought of us! Now he has given us a whole bunch of stuff that we are already using in the show: fantastic short animated pieces that add a beautiful dreamlike vibe to the proceedings. it’s really great stuff!

So far so good, but here’s the thing: We play really long shows. We improvise a lot, and we have no fixed set list, so we will always need more material.

So here’s a challenge to all you Psychonauts, fans and creative folks out there : make us some! If you want to see your work projected on stage during the show this tour, send your shorts/loops/abstracts and psychedelic animated art our way! You can make it as song specific as you like (or not), it can be b/w, color, film or animation – you decide!
If our visual designer/lightswitchoperator Jan Erik feels it cuts the mustard, he’ll use it in the show.

We ideally want DXV 3 files in 1920×1080 resolution, but we’ll take anything you throw our way as long as is high res enough to blow up big!

Well, bring it!

Send your contributions to this mail adress Or if it’s huge, via filemail, hightail or one of those large file tranfer service providers.

C’mon – make us look good!

Bob LeBad, esq