The Tower Tour

OK, so that was that. What a ride!

The European leg of the Tower tour just ended, and we are home again. Tired (man, oh man…), but really happy with how things have panned out and how this the latest version of Motorpsycho has come together. You were there, you heard, so I don’t have to explain, but it was beautiful and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for letting us run with it and go this far out.
Psychonauts are the best!

Right here and right now is the perfect oportunity to do this:

Thanks to Kristoffer Lo for coming along on the European leg and adding his own special kind of magic to the musical proceedings. This was a better fit than anyone would’ve thunk, and we’re all blown away by how well this worked out. Gabba gabba gooble gobble we accept her one of us!
Thanks to Jan Erik Holto for the unique visual concept he has for us (“Sterkt Lys”), and to Flu Hartberg and Birk Nygaard for making the visuals and helping getting the whole A.V. thing together. We’ve been wanting to do this multimedia lark properly for decades (some of you might remember a few pathetic early attempts!), but this time it actually came together and really really worked all the way, from inception to execution. Bravo!
Thanks to Ketil Nicolaisen a FoH for amplifying, clarifying and unifying the various noises coming from stage, and for in general absorbing the abuse and trying to make our racket a listenable experience for everyone else. It ain’t easy with such a loud band, and a few of the venues this tour were ‘sonically challenging’ to put it mildly, so it’s a pretty thankless task to ride this tiger. We all try our best to keep it sane, but sometimes things get crazy when we get carried away, and it all becomes pretty uncontrollable, we know. Sorry about that, and cheers for not giving up. Kiss e bæst!
Thanks also to Remco Frijns who jumped into the fire and took over the reins for about a week mid way. Expertly handled, but brave Sir, brave!
Thanks to Sean O’Connor who was there for the duration of the european leg and did monitors for us. This is perhaps an even more thankless task than FoH, with plenty weird requests and many an unexplained stink-eye thrown his way in the heat of it.
But eventually all uncharted waters were successfully navigated, buddy – thanks!
With as much gear as we lug around, we need a guitar tech/stage manager type guy to help us set it all up, make sure it all works, is in the right place at the right time, and to tune it if it needs tuning.
In Norway, Tos Nieuwenhuizen handled this with his usual grace (sorry about the Spitsbergen debacle – we’ll make it up to you, promise!), and for the european leg Morten Fagervik took over and made sure it all worked. We’d be lost up there without you and are forever grateful for your consistent, seemimgly effortless, excellent work. Love you guys!
Benedikt Zillich is our Tour Manager, great leader and Leithammel. Where he points we go and where he leads we follow. Benedikt makes sure that the biz side of this is all taken care of and also mans the merch booth (or ‘Benedikt’s Imbiss’ as we call it) during the shows. If you got anything from there, you met him or maybe his understudy Torben Eils who took over for a few days midway. Smooth Torben, smooth! Without these guys this’d all probably be a disaster. A fun one, but nevertheless a disaster. Thank you Benedikt and Torben for keeping it all together!
And thanks to John Aston who can’t help it. He’s english and a Burnly fan the poor sod. Great driver tho’, and – blessed with the gift of gab – a great source of entertainment and general abuse.
We love ya, mate – let’s do this again!
Thanks also to the various booking agents and promotors who made this all possible. Too many to mention, but you know who you are.
(Hey Max! take care of yourself huh? We’d hate to do this without seeing your pretty face!)

Bob LeBad,