New music, video archive and more


It’s been a while, but that is always a good sign: it just means that we are busy making new music!

We are currently in the process of mixing the next album,due early next year. Andrew Scheps is working his magic on the material we recorded with him and Deathprod in Wales in August, and we are absolutly positive it’s going to be a great addition to the cannon! We’ll give you the down and dirty as soon as we’ve settled a few things, so hang in there!

Other than that, we have played quite a few festivals and gigs over the summer and have generally kept busy. It’s been a great summer for us, and we thank you all for coming out when we did – it really matters to us!

These last few days we’ve spent rehearsing with Lars Horntveth and getting both him and the boys into shape for the gigs around Norway this week. Lars is an old friend that found time to help out when Reine and Kristoffer were busy, and he will hopefully bring something different and cool to the proceedings! We’ve never had this floating pool system of 4th guys before, but it is really neat for us and each of them brings something of their own to the songs, something that keeps them fresh and fun to play.
We could never keep a steady 4th member anyway, so this is probably a better sollution all in all!

Another thing that has been on the burner for a while is the Motorpsycholdelic Clips page.
This is designed to be a free, ever evolving archive of live Motorpsycho material, and the best thing about it is that we all can keep adding to it as new footage is made or old footage found.
The page is curated by Bernie who has filmed MP shows predominantly in Belgium for nigh on 20 years and knows how we work and also how this should work, so we are confident it’ll be great!

It is designed to be a searchable archive: you can search for songs, places, years etc, and if we all chip in it will be a fantastic place to go check out what the buzz was all about and if you really missed out on anything after all! We will digitize the stuff we own the rights to and put it up asap, and if you have something you want to add to the archive, feel free to do so too. We will not put up sub standard phone recordings and partial stuff (unless it’s fantastic!), so we’re going for some production values here, but … if you have anything, get in touch and we’ll see!
I guess some of you will think of this as a rip off or a con, but to us it is just a nice idea to collect all this stuff in one place so that we all can get a sense of the history we’re making together. Since noone is making any money off this, it’s nothing but a cool thing for all Psychonauts everywhere.

Alright – We will be back with more news shortly,
hang loose and we’ll see you out there!

Bob LeBad, esq