New year and new things

happy new year psychonauts!

2018 was a reasonably crazy year for us. We got to tour quite a few new countries (Slovenia, Serbia, Rumania, Russia), we released two live albums (A boxful of Demons and Roadwork Vol.5), we recorded a new album and actually started writing the one after that already, and we played shows all through the year with several week long intense guerilla offensives. All in all, not bad for a ’non album year’, but no rest for the wicked, as they say, and we’re starting the new year with an extended writing and rehearsing period at home, awaiting The Crucible dropping in mid-February. That usually takes its toll (some positive feedback, some negative, a lot of attention and a lot of people judging us, all a bit of a challenge to deal with), but we’ll be out there starting in April and going steady into June with a few weeks off in-between legs. It should be nice, and we’re looking at even more countries than usual for us, so that should be fun!
We hope you’ll like The Crucible – it is in some ways a continuation of what we started on The Tower, but it is a bit more ambitious from a songwriting standpoint and a bit harder to play too, but we are stoked with how it all came together and absolutly superhappy with the production help we got from Deathprod and Andrew Scheps. Sometimes a focused blow packs a harder punch and lands heavier than a long barrage, and we have to mix it up to make it fun, so …it’s different but as good, at least that’s how we feel about it!

There will be a memo from the bunker a little closer to the release going into more details, so hang loose and have a great winter untill then!

Bob LeBad, esq