Sgt Psycho’s Psolitary EP & Singles Club!

The great NFGS singles program 2024

Since the beginning back in the pre-grunge era of the 80’s, the members of Motorpsycho have loved the single: the 7’’ and the 10’’, the CD single and later, the digital single – no matter the format: nothing quite compares to the 3min-something kick of a good song played really well! It’s the aural equivalent of a one nite stand: one that avoids the burn, but hopefully gives you one hell of an itch!

Over the years, Motorpsycho has released a bakers dozen or so E.P.s, a heap of 7’’ singles, CD singles and digital-only tasters for new albums. Some of these – chiefly the 90’s E.P.s – have been available for streaming outside of Norway forever, but not for Motorpsycho’s home base.
This new series from NFGS aims to rectify this: it will collect all of these singles and rerelease them digitally on Bandcamp and other streaming platforms, one by one, every Monday, for as long as it takes, leading up to the ‘Dryhumpin’ for Dollars – Motorpsycho plays the singles’ festival tour Motorpsycho is undertaking in the summer of 2024.
Most of the pysical copies of these singles are long gone, but where there are left-overs, these will be made available on Bandcamp.

As long as NFGS has the right to release it and it had a cover, it’ll be out on Bandcamp, and just to keep things exciting, we’ve decided to forego a chronological order: a release from anywhere between 1994 to 2024 will magically appear online once a week over the next few months. The band is rediscovering their semi-forgotten past being involved in this, and they hope you will enjoy (re-)discovering all these cool releases too!

Welcome to Sgt Psycho’s Psolitary EP & Singles Club!
First release feb. 26th.