Angels & Daemons At PlayMarch 1997

Angels & Daemons at Play cover front

2 x 12″ / 3 x CD EP / CD
Columbia 487 301
Stickman Records Psychobabble 007
Green Balloon Records GB008

3 CD EP box containing the previously released “Baby Scooter”, “Have Spacesuit Will Travel” and “Lovelight”. Limited edition of 2500.
The vinyl version has one track more than the CD EP box and a different booklet. Limited edition of 1000.
The Green Balloon single CD edition (Asutralian) was identical to the norwegian edition except from the first 500 that came with “Blissard” as a bonus disc.



Side A / CD

  • Sideway Spiral I {2:33}
  • Walking on the Water {4:19}
  • Heartattack Mac {7:41}
  • Pills, Powder and Passion Plays [Miss Mitchell in the Ladies Room] {3:24}

Side B

  • In the Family {4:51}
  • Un Chien D’espace

Side C

  • Back to Source (12″ only)
  • Have Spacesuit Will Travel (12″ and CD EP box only) {
  • Ohm’s Concerto for Alto and Soprano Saw (12″ and CD EP box only)
    (O. H. Moe)

Side D

  • Sideway Spiral II {3:22}
  • Like Always {3:39}
  • Stalemate {4:55}
  • Starmelt / Lovelight {3:30}
  • Timothy’s Monster {4:14}


Front covers from the three EPs in the box.

Baby Scooter cover front

Have Spacesuit Will Travel cover front

Lovelight cover front

3 EP box cover art

Angels and Daemons at Play box front