En Konsert For Folk FlestApril 2015

motorpsycho_en-konsert-for-folk-flest cover art

2 x12” LP + CD + DVD + Booklet

Our 2nd collab with Ståle Storløkken, En Konsert For Folk Flest [A Concert For Most People] was a commissioned work for the St.Olav Festival. Scored for church organ, 24-piece choir, two violins and rockband, it was recorded live in the Nidaros Cathedral on July 31,  2014. Both a book and a film as well as a record, this was our first ever work with lyrics written in Norwegian. Who are we? Why are we? How did we become what we are?

Side A

  • Stille Før Stormen [Quiet Before The Storm]


    (Kim André Arnesen/ trad.arr: Kapstad/Ryan/Storløkken/Sæther)
  • Fragmenter Av Lys Og Skygge 
    [Fragments Of Light And Shadow]


  • Mammonumamikoma 



Side B

  • Lykkepilegrim [Pleasure pilgrim]



Side C

  • Imens, Ved Bipolarsirkelen…  [Meanwhile, By The Bipolar Circle…]


  • Syv Dager På Ekofisk (Balladen om Red Adair & Boots Hansen) [Seven Days At Ekofisk – The Ballad Of Red Adair & Boots Hansen]



Side D

  • Imens, Ved Bipolarsirkelen…  [Meanwhile, By The Bipolar Circle…]


  • Flere Fragmenter Av Lys Og Skygge [More Fragments Of Light And Shadow]


  • Grandiosa [Grandiosa]


  • Folket Reiser Seg [The People Rises]


    (Trad.Arr: Kapstad/Ryan/Storløkken/Sæther)