Little Lucid MomentsMarch 2008

Little Lucid Moments cover front

2x 12″ / CD
Rune Grammofon RLP3073
Rune Grammofon RCD2073
Stickman Records Psychobabble 060

In addition to the standard 180g vinyl a limited edition of 500 multicolour splatter vinyl were pressed. Because of the way these were produced each item is unique.
Extra heavy gatefold sleeve.




CD / Side A

  • Suite: Little Lucid Moments {21:05}
    • I. Lawned (Consciousness Causes Collapse)
    • II. A Hoof to the Head
    • III. Hallucifuge (Hyperrealistically Speaking…)
    • IV. Sweet Oblivion/Perfect Sense

Side B

  • Year Zero (a Damage Report) {11:26}

Side C

  • She Left on the Sun Ship – featuring confusion is kjeks and (I think) I feel better now… {14:25}

Side D

  • The Alchemyst – a discourse on transmution, pennies dropping and the luminiferous aether {12:27}


“Little Lucid Moments” is a splendid return to form, which brings sometime collaborator Helge Sten (Supersilent, Deathprod) back into the fold as co-producer. The title track, a lush 21 minute suite (their word) in four parts, betrays a special love for Magma. Fingerpicked pop themes sparkle in a sea of tempo changes and guitar washes, embroidering grinding power bass with delicate chord tracery. The marriage of Prog and krautrock could so easily have given off a stench of stale sweat and beer, but “Little Lucid Moments” is fresh, airy and full of spring optimism – composed, rehearsed, controlled and finessed.

The Wire (UK)


These absurdly prolific sons of Trondheim, Norway, have been delivering the finest Frisco-style freak-outs this side of the Rockies. Lately reduced from quartet to trio, their loose but tight West Coast psychedelicamania remains undiminished. “Little Lucid Moments” finds them in classic Grateful Dead mode (“Anthem of the Sun” meets “Live Dead”) with dollops of Blue Cheer´s raggedy proto-metal thrown in for good measure. If the term “free-wheeling 21 minute guitar-infested hyper-jam” doesn´t fill you with despair, this is an utterly essential buy. Many have tried to master this form, but Motorpsycho are, for me, the only ones who have ever really cracked it.

Shindig (UK)


Doubtless Motorpsycho´s urge to follow their free-spirits – improv rock freakouts with CSN harmonies a speciality – inhibits accruing mass audience their tuneful space explorations would surely satisfy. But it´s typical of the 15 years extant Norwegian trio that, following a mysterious early noughties dalliance with pop schemes, the ostensibly daunting prospect of an hour-long prog odyssey comprising just four tracks is revealed as their most accessible work. Especially spectacular during the 21 minute title-track´s four-part suite, “Little Lucid Moments” occupies the riff-heavy jam territory of both Starless-era King Crimson and Sonic Youth´s Daydream Nation, alternating melodious riffage, rabid percussion from new-boy Kenneth Kapstad and the gauche existential pondering that´s key to their appeal. Though prodigious on The Alchemyst´s zonked-out vistas, Motorpsycho´s quest never permits virtuosity for its own sake. Cosmic satisfaction, however, they can guarantee.

Mojo (UK)