O.S.T: Theo Buhara presents The TusslerMarch 1994

The Tussler cover front

2 x 10″ / CD
d-But 015
Stickman Records Psychobabble 006

The 1994 CD came in three different colors. Orange (ca. 900), green (ca 4-500) and clear (Italy) plastic on the track side of the CD.
The 1996 vinyl version contains four bonus tracks (all of side 4) compared to the CD version. The tracks are also somewhat re-arranged. German release.
Re-released on vinyl by Stickman in march 2003.

side A

  • Theme From the Tussler
  • Six Days on The Road
  • Frances
  • Babylon

Side B

  • I Know You Rider
    (trad. arr. Motorpsycho)
  • Hogwash
  • The Tussler (slight return)
  • Sunchild

Side C

  • SonnyBoy Gaybar
  • Waiting For the One
  • A Memory

Side D

  • Polka With the Devil
  • Lazy Days
    (G. Parsons)
  • Changes
    (K. Karlsen)
  • Alberquerque
    (N. Young)