Roadwork vol.1: Heavy metall iz a poze, hardt rock iz a laifschteil!March 1999

Roadwork vol. 1 cover front

2 x 12″ / CD
Roadwork/Stickman Records 3rd ear 0199

The first in a series of live albums. Recorded at Conne Island, Lepzig (09-05-98), Kesselhaus, Berlin (27-05-98) and Tivoli, Utrech (30-05-98).


Side A / CD

  • The other other fool
  • A k-9 suite:
    • I. Un chien d’Espace pt.I
    • II. Astral travelling

Side B

    • III. Sirius rising
    • IV. The rounder we go, the faster we get
    • V. Un chien d’Espace pt.II

Side C

  • Feel (vinyl only)
  • Super-Wheel
    • I. Superstooge
    • II. The Wheel

Side D

  • You lied
  • Black to comm
  • Words of Wisdom
    (Trad. arr.)
  • Vortex surfer